Shale shaker plays an important role as first mechanism for solids removal. If it fails in normal operation, there will be trouble for the subsequent solid control equipments (cyclone and centrifuge etc). Therefore, the choosing of drilling fluid shaker is very important.
FD Petrol FZS series shale shaker is specially designed for separating solids from drilling fluid. Configured high G force USA martin motors, bigger screen area and high volume treating capacity it is applicable for various mud purification systems and has extraordinary satisfactory field working performance. As per customer requirement, we can design and manufacture double and triple shakers.  

FD Petrol High G Dryer Shaker specially designed for drilling waste treatment 


FD Petrol Shale Shakers Spec
Motor Power2x1.5KW2x1.92KW
Vibration ModeLinear MotionLinear Motion
Screen TypeHook Soft/Flat/Pyramid for Option 60~200Mesh
Screen Area1075x700 3Panel 2.25㎡1045x700mm 4 Panel 3.2㎡
G force7.5G Adjustable8.5G Adjustable
Deck Adjustment-1°~+5°-2°~+5°
Frequency/Voltage      380V/50HZ, or 460V/60HZ or Customized
FD Shale Shaker Features and Benefits
1.High G force reach 8.5G ,linear motion so that the drill cuttings can move on the screen surface regularly and smoothly.
2.Bigger screen area 3.2㎡,higher treating capacity 1280GPM.  
3.Shaker deck angle is AWD to adapt to different drilling rates and mud property
4.Pre-tightened bilateral fixation mechanism shaker screen to facilitate change of screen. Even tension of the screen prolongs service life.    
5.Sand blasting on all metal structural parts reach to class Sa2.5. Strong adhesion of paint reduces erosion of mud on the equipment
6.The electrical control system adopts the Schneider contactor with reliable quality. Time accumulator is equipped to guarantee the lubricating oil is filled into the motor in time and the whole electrical control system has thermal overload, over current and low-voltage protection, which can effectively protect safe operation of the vibration motor.  

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